1 Marina V. Ignatieva Anthropological Approach to the Study of Russian Legal Traditions
2 Lubov I. Rogaceva Financial Policy of the Russian State and Its Legislative Providing in the Period of the Empire
3 Pavel A. Byshkov Origin of the Municipal Control
4 Larisa I. Volova Management in the Sphere of the International Health Care at the Universal Level
5 Alexey S. Miloserdov Doctrinal Bases of the Russian Historical Tradition of Local Government Formation
6 Boris R. Avetisyan To the Question of the Implication at Qualification of Criminal Actions Under the Article 171.2 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation
7 Alexander M. Filichkin Historical Prerequisites of the Russian Model of Relationship of the State and Municipal Authority Bodies Formation
8 Nikolay I. Churinov Theoretical Bases of the Model of Interaction of the Government and Local Government Creation
9 Alexander A. Galushkin To the Question of Information Security and Providing State and Municipal Services by Means of the Internet
10 Alexander M. Erdelevskiy About Separate Problems of Notarial Activity
11 Darya F. Kupcha, Kristina V. Кondrashova To the Question of the Anthropological Approach in the Jurisprudence
12 Alexander A. Galushkin Multichannel Financing of the Educational Organization
13 Olga V. Sherstukova Actual Changes in the Sphere of the State Cadastral Accounting of Real Property and Registration of Rights for Real Property and Actions With It
14 Arzamet M. Kamkiya Problems of Public Service Reforming at the Present Stage
15 Svetlana A. Trykanova Law-Making Initiative of Citizens as a Mechanism of Direct Municipal Democracy in the Russian Federation Effective Implementation: Topical Issues of Reforming