1 Darya S. Boklan International Legal Regime for the Shared Water Resources Protection in the Context of the Eurasian Economic Integration
2 Boris V. Korobeynikov Federal Law "On Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation": Conditions of Adoption and Development Trends
3 Dmitriy A. Pashentsev Right of Nations to Self-Determination, and Especially its Implementation in the Decay of Empires
4 Denis G. Korovyakovskiy Soviet Doctrine of Legal Education in the Russian Federation
5 Mikhail N. Kopylov, Valeriya A. Mishlanova International Legal Concept of Environmentally Sustainable Cities
6 Stanislav M. Kopylov Presence of Special Principles as a Condition for the International Environmental Law as an Independent Branch of International Law Formation
7 Alexander V. Vlasov Organizational and Legal Issues of Combating Money Laundering: International Experience and Prospects of Its Use in the Russian Federation
8 Antonina P. Manushina, Denis G. Korovyakovskiy, Ludmila I. Alexandrova Improving the System of Currency Regulation and Currency Control as a Factor of the Economy Stabilization and Development
9 Ekaterina P. Rusakova Japan Sports Arbitration Agency (JSAA)
10 Natalia A. Skrebneva Ordering of the Legal Liability in the Medical Relationship
11 Anton V. Yakovlev Specifics of the Civil Turnover of Land in the Specially Protected Natural Areas
12 Alexander A. Galushkin Information Base of Financial Analysis of Educational Institutions of Higher Education
13 Evgeniya V. Loginova Features of the Maintenance Agreement (Contract) for the Delivery of Goods, Works and Services for State and Municipal Needs
14 Stepan S. Abgarov Parliamentary Oversight: Legal Regulation (On the Example of the Russian Federation)
15 Gabriel K. Balayan Constitutional Principles of State Control in the Republic of Armenia