Ordering of the Legal Liability in the Medical Relationship

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Candidate for Ph.D. (Law) of the Moscow Institute of Public Administration and Law; Assistant Professor of the Department of Forensic Medicine and Medical Law of the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry


Present publication is devoted to the systematization of legal responsibility in the medical relationship. From the point of view of the author of the need to systematize the legal responsibility of a health care relationship is due to its features and the needs associated with the exploitation of sources of legal regulation of this legal category, which are reflected in this work. Among the latter, author identifies the presence of a large array of normative and legal acts in the field of the study, most of which are complementary to, and often overlap and contradict each other; the need to optimize and improve the effectiveness of law enforcement, provide more convenience to the legal basis for the subjects of medical relations, increasing legal literacy of medical relations, which, of course, will help reduce the number of offenses, as well as reduce their severity in this area. Currently, according to the author, the most appropriate way of systematization of legal responsibility in the medical relationship is the incorporation, as it does not require redrawing the content of legal acts, providing the speed of the process, and can also serve as a basis for deciding whether the use of the subsequent stages of other forms of systematization of legislation streamlining; It promotes the most efficient use of the methods and techniques of legislative technique in the preparation of the text codes; to avoid falling into the text of the future rules of temporary operational, most likely to take into account all the possible links to other articles and normative legal acts. The publication considered signs incorporating classification, offered the most suitable varieties for the incorporation of systematization of legal responsibility in the medical relationship, as well as the structure of the collection is represented by basic legal acts regulating the sphere under consideration.


systematization, systematization of methods, incorporation, incorporation of classification responsibilities, systematization, regulation.

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