Right of Nations to Self-Determination, and Especially its Implementation in the Decay of Empires

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Doctor of Laws, Professor of the Department of "Theory and History of State and Law" of the Moscow City Pedagogical University

In the article the right of nations to self-determination is analyzed from the perspective of modern post-classical scientific methodology. Nation is seen as a social construct, which has its own time frame. Nation is based on the national consciousness, the roots of which lie in the national mythology. Article discusses the features of the United Nations under the empire. Showing irrational elements necessary for understanding the essence of the empire. It is emphasized that the period of the collapse of the largest empires that ceased to exist several of them, it was the beginning of the twentieth century. This entailed not only the creation of nation-states, but also disastrous consequences for a number of nations. It is concluded that the complexity of the issue of overcoming the contradiction between the right of nations to self-determination and national unity.

nation, empire, right to self-determination, people, state, state unity, social construct.

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