Концепция индивидуальных свобод Э. Лабулэ

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The article attempts to examine the concept of individual liberties of the prominent representative of the French liberal school of the second half of the XIX century E. Laboulaye. In France, the legal state was formed in the last two hundred years, based, inter alia, on respect for human rights and freedoms. Since the Declaration of the Rights of Human and of the Citizen in 1789, securing of the rights and freedoms in France became a constitutional principle. The value of this principle is emphasized by the fact, that the part of the current Constitution of the Fifth Republic is the Declaration of 1789, what the Constitutional Council has confirmed a few times in its decisions. In this regard, the study of the major political and legal concepts of human rights and freedoms does not lose its relevance. E. Laboulaye made a significant contribution to this perspective, suggesting its original classification freedoms, extracting the individual freedom in a separate group. E. Laboulaye based his conception on natural law theory, considering the freedom of the individual as a concept, which can be realized only in a democratic state.